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عندك موهبة ♥️♥️♥️

لو صوتك حلو وعايزتغني او بتعرف تعزف اي اله موسيقي او الجن او تألف شعر او تلقي شعر وعايز حد يسمعك ويساعدك و كمان يتعاون معاك و كمان تستمع بوقتك وتعرف ع ناس جديدة موهبة من الوطن العربي♥️ ابعت رسالة علي صفحتناعلي الانترنت او
او علي ايميل: او علي تليجرام :http//:@Meridaishome بصوتك وانت بتغني عربي او اجنبي♥️🎤🎤🎤🎤 ..مستنينكم #the voice #احلي صوت #عندك موهبة ♥️

If you can sing show us you can by sending avoice record of you singing any genres,,any arabic/khaliji/english and even and join the largest group of talented singers and musicians ,not only you will have a chance to be hears but also have fun through our interactive community of singers..musicians and also crowd that will all come online to hear your lovely voice…send me your recorded voice by:




Telegram us on: httpt://@Meridaishome

Waiting for you @meridaabdallah @yalla @eatpraylove

Twitter @eatpraylove

Waiting for you ♥️♥️🔥🔥


We are family bringing all the updates .. welcome to our page

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