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صباح الخير

good morning be happy 

we could not stay that far 🌠without your picture hunting me every day..which make me wonder💭🤔
cannot you be just happier 😃 😍simply with whole new play...
my soul is just tortured just every day
crying over😥 that mistake of not letting you stay🙋‍♂️. ..
coming back together 🤩for that only I pray🤲
may be it is the price that we have to pay for being honest &loving in the cruel world of today's
claiming its better with out you is just cliche ,i did so cause i saw you cheating on me that heart was broken...I traveled that day...🌏🗺🚄🛩 leaving behind all that misery...
thinking over over ..why couldn't you stay.loving &caring as in the T.V play..
..solving that mystery made me sleepless..that day. calling that memory just made me sway with that new melody of claiming okay..
iam not that fool .. barby..Iam not part of your play...🎭♟🎯🎟
#like if it clicks وا بصوت سيرين عبد النور 😂🎟


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